Google Doodle: Celebrating Japanese Statistician Dr Hirotugu Akaike 90th Birth Anniversary


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celebrating the 90th Birth Anniversary of 
Japanese statistician Dr Hirotugu Akaike with a 
Doodle that represents his immense contribution 
to the field of statistics. Dr Hirotugu Akaik 
had, in the 1970s, formulated the Akaike 
Information Criterion, which is a criterion for 
model selection in statistics. It was heralded 
as a very new paradigm of statistical 
modelling. It was set apart and was completely 
different from traditional statistical theory. 
The Akaike paradigm greatly influenced a broad 
area of research in statistics.

Dr Hirotugu Akaike also led the world of the 
Time Series Analysis in the 1960s by 
researching and developing the spectral 
analysis technique, multivariate time series 
model, statistical control methods and TIMSAC, 
software for time series analysis.

In the 1980s, Dr Akaike pushed for the Bayesian 
model to be put into practical use. In 2006, Dr 
Akaike was awarded the Kyoto prize for 
contributing immensely to modelling in the 
development of the Akaike Information Criterion 

Apart from the immense contributions that Dr 
Akaike was responsible for, he also held 
several key positions at different times of his 
life. Dr Akaike was a researcher at The 
Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Technical 
Official of the Ministry of Education) in 1952. 
In 1986, he became the Director-General of the 
Institute of Statistical Mathematics, a 
position he held till 1994.

From 1994, Dr Akaike became Professor Emeritus 
of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics and 
also the Professor Emeritus at The Graduate 
University for Advance Study.

Dr Hirotugu Akaike was born on November 5, 1927 
in Japan  Shizuoka Prefecture and died on 
August 8, 2009 of pneumonia in Ibaraki 
Prefecture. Today being his 90th Birth 
Anniversary, Google honours Dr Akaike with his 
very own Doodle. 
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Google Doodle: Celebrating Japanese Statistician Dr Hirotugu Akaike 90th Birth Anniversary

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