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We Compu World in chennai buy /sell used 
servers in all brands.
Our stocks in hand.
IBM X3550 M4 – 7914 B2A / 7914 C2A, 8gb ram, 
300 gb*2 sas, smps*2, 1u rack – 100000/
IBM X3550 M1-Dual Core 3ghz*2, 4gb ram, 160gb 
sata,dvd ,1u rack server- rs.20000/
IBM X3550 M2 – Quad Core 1.6ghz*2, 8gb ram, 
160gb sata,dvd,1u rack server - rs.27500/
Dell 1850 - xeon 2.8ghz*2, 4gb ram, 73gb 
scsi,dvd drive,1u rack server - rs.15500/
Dell 2850 – Dual Core 2.8Ghz*2 cpu, 4gb 
ram,73gb hdd, 2u rack server – rs.20000/
Dell 2950–Quad core 2.8ghz*1 cpu, 4gb ram250gb 
hdd, 2u rack server, smps*1 –rs.25000/
Dell 2950 Quad core 2ghz*2, 4gb,250gb sata hdd, 
dvd rom, server,smps*2- rs.35000/
Dell – 1950 Dual core 2ghz*2, 4gb, 80gb sata 
hdd, dvd rom, 1U rack server, Smps*2 – 
Dell R710 – quad core cpu, 8gb ram, 250gb sata, 
dual smps, - rs.55000/
Also available 6cores, 8cores cpu.
Dell R610 & R620 also available.
IBM x3850 M2 – E7420 2.1*4 cpu (16core), 4gb 
ram,146*2 sas hdd,smps*1 - rs.75000/
IBM x3650 m2 - quad core 2ghz*2, 8gbram, 
146gb*2 sas,smps*1 - rs.50000/
ibm x335, x326..
HP ML 110 G6 – Quad Core 2.4ghz*2cpu (x3430) , 
8gb ram, 1tb sata – rs.27500/ 
HP ML 110 G5 core2duo single cpu, 2gb ddr2, 
250gb sata, ATX Tower cabinet- rs.9500.

We can supply any type of Power supply (smps)
Still if u need any model any qty kindly 
contact us
We also Deal in Sun Microsystems servers.

We Compu World buy/sell used cisco routers and 
kindly contact us for best price.
Cisco Routers
5,3925,2911 and still lot of models.
Cisco Switches - 2950,3550,3560,2960,3750G 24 
TS-S, 4948E, 3560poe,
3750 poe.. still lot of models
Hwic 2T cards, Hwic 2fe cards
6748 ge tx,6748 sfp 3bxl ge tx, 6704, 6748 sfp 
ge tx, 6708 10ge 3c..
Awaiting for your enquiry 
When you call, please mention that you found that details at

Location : < Gurgaon < Haryana

Product Condition : Used     Product Category : Electronics


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