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Bulk messasing
Reach out to millions within seconds. Easily schedule and send personalized texts and regional language messages.
Not to mention, you'll have hands on experience with India's most beautifully designed Enterprise Messaging Panel with multiple services under one roof, bulk sms service being the core product. You can Send/receive SMS or Missed calls on our Virtually hosted numbers, send automated responses, etc.
Our API's are one of the fastest and most user-friendly that you can build your own SMS applications in matter of minutes. Here are some of our panel features,
Bulk messaging has built its roots over email alerts in the global market. The high end information along with swift deliverability has accounted for change in preferences to messaging over e-mails. You can utilize our utility dynamics to send promotional and transactional SMS to your customers to portray valuable information, updates and transaction specific reminders. This has turned out to be a speedy and effective method of deploying information regarding new products, services, discounts and offers that are a part of business development strategy. You can promote your products and services to target audience instantly on the go!
A2P is a great way to get your mobile marketing up and running. We offer a fully flexible and a feature packed Bulk Messaging solution. Dynamic SMS API's to help integrate with any database. A powerful set of features like batch scheduler, Unicode, DND lookup and campaigner. We guarantee a great coverage and an automated delivery report and analytics. Hundreds of leading enterprise giants trust us with their heavy traffic. SI is a great place to kick start your campaigns and direct marketing! .